In 2020 we reinforced our Top-5 position in the Dutch wholesale market, inter alia by more own stock and increasingly independant procurement. We strengthened our market leadership in reselling and added 14 stations to our network. We started a project for design improvement and building processes for staffed and unstaffed petrol stations and OK Café.


Again in 2019 we went through a major development and 8 locations were added to the network of petrol stations. We strengthened our position in the water trade. In addition, we increased our visibility as main sponsor of the Breda football club NAC and with a sponsorship deal for a number of races in the Porsche Supercup.


In the first quarter of 2018, 3 locations were added to the network (including a first station in Germany) and the beautiful newly built location in Emmen was opened. As at year-end 2018 66 petrol stations nationwide form part of the retail activities. In the course of 2018 Catom entered the market on the water with OK Marine.


As at year-end 2017, the retail activities encompassed 59 petrol stations nationwide. Of these 59 stations, 43 are operating under the proprietary OK brand. 36 of them are staffed and feature a modern shop, while the other 7 are unmanned.

In 2017 the expansion of the number of OK stations continued, due to inter alia the acquisition of a number of petrol stations, the retention of two sites at the auction of the motorway petrol stations, and the renovation and rebranding of a number of stations acquired earlier.


Retail experienced significant growth in 2016. The growth in the number of petrol stations continued through the acquisition of a chain of five manned petrol stations, as well as a few standalone petrol stations previously run by operators, and the completion of a new beautifully designed unmanned petrol station in Middelburg that was developed by Catom.


In 2015 Catom acquired a medium-sized oil trader in the south of the country.


The growth in the number of petrol stations continued in 2014 through the acquisition of three stations from Kuwait Petroleum Nederland. Catom also purchased three building locations for new petrol stations.

In 2014 Catom acquired a small oil trader in the northern part of the country.


In November 2013 FuelPlaza BV, a group company of Catom BV, reached agreement with Kuwait Petroleum Nederland BV about the acquisition of 33 petrol stations. These petrol stations are spread across the country but with a focus on the northern provinces. The petrol stations, which were operated under the Q8 label, will be rebranded to the OK logo and formula.

Also in 2013 FuelPlaza acquired the petrol station “The Kreilen” along the N31 provincial road near Drachten through a public auction. This petrol station has meanwhile changed to the OK colours.

During the first half of 2013, Oliecentrale took over a small oil trader in the northern part of the country via an asset-liability transaction.