Catom aims to play a leading role in the downstream segment of the Dutch oil market by providing energy for all. Here the customer is the central focus combined with competitive prices and a high level of service. Catom sources this energy from an independent purchasing position with conventional fuel and renewable fuel suppliers. The 4 business units Catom PDM, OK Oliecentrale, OK Marine and OK Retail are interconnected and together they are stronger than the elements individually.


Catom believes in the power of being customer-oriented. Both its own organisation and the trading companies and petrol stations are geared towards ensuring that the customer experiences first-class service and competitive pricing. Catom’s specific customer culture is discernible at all points during the sales process, and this is how Catom distinguishes itself from traditional suppliers.Catom seeks to acquire market leadership in all segments it operates in, by continuing to develop. It wishes to fulfil this ambition by way of autonomous growth combined with acquisitions. Catom seeks to capitalise on opportunities arising on the one hand due to the major oil companies seeking to dispose of divisions and on the other hand because smaller (family) firms – both oil trading companies and owners of smaller petrol stations – want to sell their business.