Catom’s strategy is geared towards both autonomous growth and growth through acquisitions; the buy and build strategy. The company is anticipating substantial shifts in the Dutch oil market’s downstream segment. Major oil companies such as Shell,  Exxon, Total and BP, the ‘majors’, are increasingly concentrating on upstream activities (oil exploration and production) and are seeking opportunities to dispose of downstream activities (marketing, distribution and sales). At the same time, smaller players in the market are struggling to envision the future and are increasingly opting to sell off their trading activities and petrol stations. Catom wants to play an active role in this consolidation drive. The company is in a position to take over these activities and win customers who are in the process of choosing a new supplier due to these shifts. Catom is especially interested in trade, sales and distribution activities as well as petrol stations.

The reorganisation of the downstream segment is expected to occur in the Netherlands over the next few years. Consequently, Catom discerns ample opportunities in the next few years for growth and further takeovers in the Dutch market. For each of the three core activities, a targeted strategy will be followed which fits in with a specific market conditions and opportunities within that segment.

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