OK has a long history in the Netherlands. The 1950s saw the brand, which was originally Swedish, introduced to the Dutch market, and since 2004 it has been owned by the Catom group. Since 2006 Catom has been working on putting the OK brand of petrol stations back on the map, with the number of petrol stations growing each year. As at year-end 2021, 86 petrol stations nationwide form part of the retail activities. Of these 86 stations, 79 are operating under the proprietary OK brand. 52 of them are staffed and feature a modern shop, while the other 34 are unmanned. The growth realised in 2021 is also thanks to Rijmar B.V.’s petrol stations, which have improved OK Retail’s position in Limburg. 2022 is proving to be another good year for our retail activities, with several acquisitions on the way.

In addition to petrol station activities, the fuel cards also work well. The number of cardholders has further grown by our cards being accepted in the Tango network. The acceptance of third parties’ cards is being extended, OK’s attractiveness as a partner for fuel card issuers is growing, thanks to the quality of the network. In 2022 all stations will be provided with fully contactless paying options.


In 2021, all focus was on the OK Café concept. This newly developed concept has a distinctive look and offers a wide range of A brands with the best coffee, very tasteful sweets and snacks and in some cases freshly made sandwiches. In 2022 this focus will be extended to the further roll-out of the OK Shop concept.

OK Retail’s core values are a quiet atmosphere, plenty of space, cleanliness, cosy feeling and a wide range of products, which values are properly monitored. Also, the unmanned stations with car wash, which were started in 2019, have proven successful and will be further extended in 2022. At this time, several stations have projects going to add unmanned car wash facilities.