Reselling is the sale of fuels and lubricants to large, medium and small users in the business market. With a market share of over 20%, Catom is market leader in this segment. Until the end of 2017, the reselling activities were mainly on land, with customer segments including agricultural companies, local and regional authorities,
utility companies, construction firms, garages and haulage companies. 
Under the
name of OK Marine, we serve customers on the water, in marine contracting, the
shipping industry and the cruise industry. 
OK Oliecentrale and OK Marine distinguish themselves by their service levels. Both of them have professional and customer oriented organisations with 24/7 services.

The activities on water are carried out by a separate subsidiary, OK Marine,
from office in Lelystad and Tholen. OK Marine owns five vessels and the Batavia port in Lelystad is one of our OK Marine locations. Pleasure boats can fuel up there, for diesel and GTL, and our office employees are always busy keeping the administration in order. Our bunker boats, also referred to as the Bartjes, leave the port on a daily basis to provide rivercraft with diesel and lubricants.