Reselling is the sale of fuels and lubricants to large, medium and small users in the business market. With a market share of over 20%, Catom is market leader in this segment. Until the end of 2017, the reselling activities were mainly on land, ith customer segments including agricultural companies, local and regional authorities, utility companies, construction firms, garages and haulage companies. OK Oliecentrale is the largest distributor of Shell fuels and lubricants in the Netherlands. Also, OK Oliecentrale is active in the reselling market under the brand name OK. The company has branch offices in Arnhem, Heino, Breda, Roermond and Staphorst. OK Oliecentrale and OK Marine distinguish themselves by their service levels. Both of them have professional and customeroriented organisations with 24/7 services. The sales staff are knowledgeable and advise customers on complex issues pertaining to logistics over land and water,   lubricating schedules, maintenance and product characteristics. From the Heino location, in-house developed services receive KIWA certification, including the installation of stationary fuel tanks and the inspection and maintenance of mobile fuel tanks. For the purposes of transporting fuel and AdBlue in the reselling market, OK Oliecentrale has 71 trucks in service, all owned by the company. Catom holds its own stocks of both OK and Shell lubricants so as to enable it to supply customers efficiently and on time. Storage and warehousing are partly performed in-house. Part of the storage and warehousing has been outsourced to two professional service providers (one for packaged products and one for bulk products), in connection with distribution to end customers. The entire operation is controlled by OK employees, with a keen focus on customer satisfaction (ordered today, delivered tomorrow).